Byran Adams, Owner, Tinkr Tech, LLC I am the owner of Tinkr Tech, LLC, an educational outreach company.  I supply STEM based workshops to children in the Miami Valley and beyond.  Tinkr Tech, LLC includes a mobile makerspace that is filled with the latest technology, along with old school tools.  Our 3D printer and CNC router really get the kids attention, while the soldering irons and glue guns get the most work. 

In July 2014, I met with Bob and Bill, my Dayton SCORE mentors.  My background is in Engineering so starting a business was a bit foreign to me.  Bob and Bill helped me map out the steps to starting my business. With the steps mapped out, I ran a successful kickstarter campaign that provided capital for the equipment in the makerspace.  I was now ready, but how do I bring in sales?  Bob and Bill were a big help here too.  They gave me ideas about people and places to contact other than schools.  During the fall of 2014 and winter of 2015 I was able to work with the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery and the Wright-Patt Air Force Base Educational Outreach office.  I have also begun working with local libraries, a revenue source I had not previously considered.


How SCORE helped. 

While I know starting up a company can be slow, I am already seeing growth in 2015.  I have workshops every month and bookings into September already.  Tinkr Tech is now a part of the monthly food truck rallies at Yellow Cab in Dayton which will helps us advertise even more.  My SCORE mentors have been a great help to me in getting Tinkr Tech off the ground.  If not for them, I know that I would have made a fatal decision that would have kept me from getting Tinkr Tech up and running.   They have been very supportive of me and my ideas and helped shape them into something that can be successful.

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