In order to understand the impact SCORE, through its volunteer Bob Puskar, has had on my son Garrett Haper’s business, it is necessary to know where Garrett was before we met SCORE. For 12 years Garrett had struggled to develop a stable business to no avail. Having no business experience and no one to guide and advise him, his life was a round of re-furbishing rental houses. Some weeks he had no work at all. His desire was to do tile work where his meticulous attention to detail and his creative side could be expressed.

But the paperwork/ finance part of his business was virtually non-existent. He hadn’t filed his taxes for several years and was in debt to the IRS. He had no savings, no insurance- health or otherwise- no retirement as he approached the age of 38. Everything looked very bleak and discouraging.


How SCORE helped. 

In 2014 I heard an ad for SCORE on WHIO radio and contacted their office. An appointment was set up with Bob Puskar. After our first meeting in Oct. 2014, Bob suggested several changes. For example raising hourly rates, contacting Essex for accounting/tax help, improved bidding, invoicing, and record keeping. Now, with us working together as a team, things have certainly improved and Signature Tile, Wood Floors and Painting Specialists, LLC  (ghsigpainting@gmail.comis looking more like a business.

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