Revonna Smith, is President of Safe Care Tools, LLC which studies processes and utilizes lean six-sigma principles to identify opportunities to maximize safety and streamline workflow in the health care environment.  Their  product, the AnesthEZia-Saf-T-Tray, is a simple but powerful tool designed to dramatically reduce anesthesia related medication errors. This tool simplifies and standardizes the process of preparation and administration of medications in the operating room.

How SCORE helped. 

Revonna contacted Dayton SCORE and Chuck Anderson responded quickly to her request for a face-to-face counseling session.  Safe Care Tools had encountered a problem with locating a local source of engineering and manufacturing for their products.  In addition, they needed assistance with sales and distribution. Chuck listened, asked questions and formulated a plan as to how he thought SCORE could best provide assistance.

They had regular follow-up meetings to monitor progress and adjust strategies.  Chuck recruited additional support from another Dayton SCORE counselor, Bob Talty and even a Cincinnati SCORE counselor, Brian Holbrook as needs for additional skill sets arose.  Each of these individuals have unique perspectives and experience that has added value to the company.    

What's great about my mentor? 

Revonna stated that Chuck Anderson has not only provided excellent advice and encouragement but has also helped me view my business more strategically, organizing both my short and long term goals for the company.  It is a comfort to know that I have the support of Chuck and the SCORE advisors as I continue to take steps toward commercialization.  

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