Patricia Langford-Finley, Founder / Owner, Langford′s Gourmet Cookies, LLCMy name is Patricia Langford-Finley, owner of Langford′s Gourmet Cookies, LLC located in Dayton, Ohio. I am an African-American womanwho has perfected a unique line of gourmet cookies and cakes. I am a home-based entrepreneur. My signature product is an oatmeal walnut raisin cookie. However, I also produce chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, a selection of liqueur cakes, and a selection of specialty gourmet cakes. My products are available in Kobrick′s Cafe located in Miami Valley Hospital, Premier Health Partners; Brenda′s Beanery in Greenville, Ohio; and Boston Stoker. Other locations have included Arrow Wine and Gourmet Foods, Dorothy Lane Markets, Home World 2013, Dayton Women′s Fairs, WPAFB Women′s Fair, various trade shows, individual consumers and social organizations.


How SCORE Helped: 

Dayton SCORE has been a very valuable resource for my start-up business which started in November, 2010. I learned about SCORE from a friend who used SCORE in the development of her business. Mr. Rodney Childs, Dayton Chapter Chair, is my Certified SCORE Mentor. Mr. Childs has helped me to clearly define my business idea and to focus on the key elements to be profitable. After covering the basics of starting a business, and the laws and regulations governing my business, most helpful to me has been the competitive analysis of my business market, including products, prices, promotions, advertising, distribution, and service that he has taught me. He has been consistent to make me disciplined to keep up-to-date records on every aspect of the business. Currently, he is helping me to define my target market, that portion of all potential buyers who are the best prospects for my products and services. Defining this audience is giving me the essential understanding of how I should be promoting my business and letting potential customers know about Langfords Gourmet Cookies. SCORE and my Certified SCORE Mentor, Mr. Rodney Childs provide a wealth of information that I otherwise would not have access to. I have participated in many of the business workshops promoted by SCORE and benefited from the expertise of other volunteer mentors. There is a direct link for my business success to Dayton Chapter SCORE.

Langford′s Gourmet Cookies, LLC