Alex Luthman, Founder / Owner, The Gutter Getter, LLCAlex Luthman, founder of The Gutter Getter, LLC, wanted to start a gutter cleaning business, but he needed some guidance. Therefore, Alex contacted Dayton SCORE and John Soutar became his mentor.

Under John's guidance, Alex generated a Business Plan which highlighted the necessary steps needed to build a viable business. Initially, Alex obtained business from friends and neighbors and their recommendations resulted in additional clients.

As the business grew, Alex expanded from cleaning gutters to purchasing a large trailer and equipment to produce aluminum protectors. These protectors attach to the home gutters to prevent leaves and debris from obstructing the flow of water in the gutters. With the success of these new aluminum protectors, he again expanded his business to include the fabrication and installation of new gutters.


How SCORE helped. 

In analyzing his profitability with John, the issue of fixed and variable expenses identified that some prices on his products were too low. Through the use of SCORE online documentation and assistance from John, Alex has mastered his costs and has improved his profitability. John continues to support Alex as his business grows. Alex can be contacted at

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