Business Recovery Webinar

Education for existing business executives that need to stabilize and recover a struggling business

Organizational Leadership - Leadership DNA Profile

Competent business leadership begins with a leader with the appropriate DNA or personality traits for the leadership role. This simple assessment will help you to quickly identify you leadership DNA.

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Small Business Stabilize/Recover Discovery Worksheet

If you have a clear perspective of your current situation and the challenges impacting that situation begin to articulate that situation and the applicable challenges using this self-discovery worksheet.

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Small Business Stabilize/Recover Assessment Tool

Use this valuable assessment tool to help the client identify the top five challenges (problems, needs or opportunities) that are having the greatest impact on their business.

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Small Business Stabilize/Recover Planning Model

This BusinessWorx small business planning suite template contains three basic parts.

  • The first part is this cover sheet and executive  overview.
  • The second part is the business performance plan and budget that represents the combined front-office business functions that typically have a top-line impact on the business.
  • The third part is the business operations plan and budget that represents the combined back-office business functions that generally have a bottom-line impact on the business.

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