Dayton SCORE offers a variety of free business courses to meet your current situation and greatest business challenges.

At the core of these workshops is a universal curriculum based on the SCORE BusinessWorx universal planning model which also provides a foundation for consistent counseling services and common counseling resources. We recommend the you follow a simple three step process to help structure the most beneficial educational experience for your needs.

Step 1: Evaluate your current education needs

  • Your current business situation:
    • Start-up, launch, and first year of operations;
    • Stabilize, position, and recover a struggling business; and
    • Compete aggressively and grow a successful business.
  • Your highest priority business performance or business operations challenges:
    • Problems that need to be solved to survive, stabilize, and recover;
    • Needs that need to be met to compete aggressively and grow; and
    • Opportunities that can be leveraged to speed or enhance the start-up, recovery, or growth process.

Step 2: Select the best workshop

  • SCORE counselors can help you maximize your education experience through individual counseling;
  • Register early and confirm your attendance for the applicable workshops; and
  • Arrive on time, register, participate in the program and network with other attendees.

Step 3: Apply what you have learned

Because most of these workshops are “basic orientation” or a specific subject matter in nature we strongly recommend that after you have attended your chosen workshop, that you contact your local SCORE office to learn more about how your local SCORE volunteers can help to maximize your workshop experience through additional workshops, webinars, counseling services and valuable resources.


For-Profit Individual Workshops

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Meet the Experts Series

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