Welcome to Dayton SCORE

You will find Dayton SCORE has information and services valuable to you as a start up business or one that is looking for new ideas to improve. Our counseling services and workshops are no charge.

Today's volatile business climate is a lot like a tennis match, Tennis challenges come at you pretty fast. Whether you are winning, losing or just starting out in business, SCORE can help you match point and win. Regardless of business size, scope, type, or current situation, seasoned SCORE professionals leverage integrated solutions with years of life/work experience to give you an advantage in today's challenging business environment.

New three workshop business program on internet marketing !
  ¤ Basic Website Design – Updated and upgraded
  ¤ Basic Search Engine Optimization – Updated and upgraded
  ¤ Social Media Marketing – New, New, and NEW!

Examine our web page for the schedule of local workshops that you may attend. Better yet, stop by and visit our office in downtown Dayton or schedule an appointment for counseling.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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