Webinar Series Wrap-up - Next Step August 4, 2016
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Viewing this webinar requires some basic information. This data is only used within SCORE and will not be distributed to any third parties.

In addition to taking the “Webinar series introduction – Marketplace perspectives” webinar once - first, we recommend that each person who takes a Dayton SCORE webinar also take the “Webinar series wrap-up – Next steps” webinar once – last. To avoid duplication of webinar material in each webinar, the wrap-up webinar provides and overview of SCORE National, Ohio SCORE resources and your local Dayton SCORE contact information. It also outlines options for additional SCORE counseling or live workshops that are available for the next step – after webinar training.

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Webinar duration: 10 minutes

Targeted audience: This wrap-up webinar should be taken by everyone after they have viewed one of the additional webinar programs.

Webinar description: This wrap-up webinar highlights additional resources and services that are offered by SCORE National, SCORE Ohio chapter and the Dayton SCORE chapter.

Key Audience Benefits: This webinar provides these key learning objectives.

  1. Review of the three step webinar selection process
  2. Focus on the third step of the webinar selection process - implementation
  3. Overview of SCORE National resources
  4. Overview of SCORE Ohio resources
  5. Overview of Dayton SCORE resources

Note: Forms Package: Note the link above for the forms that are referred to in this webinar. Be sure to click on the forms package link and download the forms before loading the webinar. The forms are designed to provide additional webinar content and to enhance the learning experience.

Additional related webinars or workshops: This webinar forms provides a platform for all of the other webinars.

Key Topics

Webinar Series Wrap-up - Next Step