Small Business Recovery August 5, 2016
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Small Business Recovery Orientation

Webinar duration: 44 minutes

Targeted audience: This webinar is designed for existing business owners or executives who have a need to stabilize and recover a struggling business and do not have a clear understanding of where to begin. 

Webinar description: Part one of this webinar provides some basic business and realistic marketplace perspective while identifying traditional and contemporary business success factors. Part two of this highly interactive program provides additional business recovery perspective and identifies the recovery process and what is required for building an effective tactical recovery plan.

Key Audience Benefits: This webinar provides these key learning objectives.

  1. Provides general business perspectives
  2. Provides a realistic marketplace perspective - External forces of impact
  3. Provides realistic business recovery perspective
  4. Helps attendee to evaluate their personal business leadership DNA
  5. Introduces the balanced business model concept to support businesses recovery
  6. Identifies the key steps in the business recovery process
  7. Provides and introduction to the tactical business recovery planning process
  8. Introduces the SCORE universal business planning model
  9. How to use the planning model for identifying recovery assessment - problems and challenges
  10. How to use the planning model for identifying recovery solutions (strategies)
  11. Prepares attendee for the new business recovery series of four paid group counseling sessions

Expected outcomes: Attendees should expect to acquire enough perspective and information to make an educated decision to begin, postpone or abandon the business recovery process at this time or seek alternative solutions.

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Small Business Recovery