Sales Orientation for Small Business August 5, 2016
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Sales Orientation for Small Business

Webinar duration: 30 minutes

Targeted audience: This webinar is designed for existing business owners, executives or marketing and sales managers that want to update their perspective, approach and sales strategies to improve selling team and individual seller performance with today’s experience based consumer.

Webinar description: This webinar provides basic orientation to the Next Generation - Buyer Experience selling process. It introduces the buyer perspective selling process and identifies the four types of selling and the steps to increasing sales performance in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Key Audience Benefits: This webinar provides these key learning objectives.

  1. Provides an introduction to selling to today’s experience based consumer
  2. Introduces the four types of selling
  3. Identifies the four types of seller and buyer profiles
  4. Highlights the buyer - seller compatibility process
  5. Introduces the next generation seller success factors (20% and 80% factors)
  6. Highlights the natural buying and universal selling process alignment conept
  7. Highlights the steps in the next generation - buyer perspective selling process
  8. Discusses the selling process scaling process
  9. Identifies the selling steps success factors
  10. Prepares the attendee for their applicable sales strategies workshops

Expected outcomes: Attendees will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of the next generation - buyer experience selling process and how to apply it to their specific type of sales. They will be given a proven sales process that can be scaled and aligned to improves sales of their offeirngs.

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Sales Orientation for Small Business