More than 60 Individuals Participated in the Event

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Dayton with help from Dayton SCORE

We had a great event with our volunteer mentors, presenters and subject experts August 25th at the Dayton Arcade for the first time since early 2020. Existing volunteers were joined by people interested in becoming SCORE volunteers and clients. 

The program included speakers Charlynda Scales, a former SCORE mentoring client, Bill Flaute a volunteer, and Marie Cosgrove a local leadership coach and author. 

Volunteers Regional SCORE Vice President spoke about volunteering at SCORE and presented awards to local SCORE volunteers who he recognized for their contributions to SCORE and our clients in Dayton.  Also attending was Randy Zipfel from the SCORE Columbus Chapter who is the new District Director.

In addition to networking and the recruiting program attendees were given a tour of the HUB and Arcade areas. The HUB houses local business support organizations such as SCORE partner, Launch Dayton, the Entrepreneur Center, new business startups, and the University of Dayton. All of these organizations are dedicated to supporting local entrepreneurs and students from the University of Dayton Business School who attend 22 classes held in the HUB each week. 

SCORE will be presenting workshops at the HUB this fall, and will be supporting Launch Dayton with SCORE mentors. Additionally, we are installing a number of new initiatives to support local business and nonprofit organization in the next year.  We need to add volunteers to continue the impact we are having on the local business community, and would like you to consider joining us.   

Information on volunteering with Dayton SCORE  CLICK HERE