Dayton SCORE provides numerous for-profit training session throughtout the year. The following are currently scheduled sessions:

  • Mar - Sep: Business Development Series - This series, put on in conjunction with The Small Business Administration, is designed to provide information and contact resources to both beginning and continuing businesses in the Dayton and surrounding area. 
  • NOTE: Training session registration will begin 45-days before the scheduled event date.
    • March 15 (Complete) "Introduction to Services Available”  will provide a top level summary of information and services from a number or agencies and organizations where help is available for small business.
    • April 12      (Complete) “Legal, Accounting, and Tax Requirements for a Small Business” will provide a group of experts in these disciplines who will discuss the requirement and provide contacts to acquire these services.
    • May 10       Information “Access to Capital - Part 1” will provide experts from federal, state, and local entities to discuss opportunities for small business funding.  Credit scores and other requirements will be examined.
    • Jun 14        “Access to Capital - Part 2” will provide experts from Banks, Credit unions, and non-standard funding sources which provide alternate sources of capital at varying levels of expense.
    • July 12       “Marketing” will discuss the methods and venues to market a small business available in today’s environment.
    • Aug 9         “E-presence Setup and Management and Cyber Security” will discuss the method to set up and manage social media marketing.  Cyber security will deal with the responsibility inherent in using social media.
    • Sep 13        “How to do Business with the Government” will deal with the methods and requirement a small business must utilize to provide services to federal, state, and local government entities.