NonProfit Training Sessions

Our training sessions focus on smaller nonprofit organizations to improve their performance and build their capacity.

The nonprofit training workshop series is held twice per year spring and fall. These workshops are led by local experts and Dayton SCORE volunteers.  Also, Dayton SCORE provides free mentoring to nonprofit organizations and charities by volunteers experienced in working as board members and executives in nonprofit organizations. 

The Spring 2020 NonProfit series focuses on topics that our research has shown to be of critical importance to nonprofits. All workshops are held at the Presidential Banquet Center in Kettering and are FREE.  They begin at 10:00 AM and include a lunch (12:00 - 1:00 PM) which affords the opportunity for networkingWorkshop dates will be announced in early 2020 and registration will open 60-days before the workshop is scheduled.  

  • "Strategic Planning”  defines the concept of strategic planning for a non-profit organization, indicates its benefits, explains when it is appropriate to develop a strategic plan, and, in considerable detail, describes the strategic planning process. VIDEO --- TESTIMONIAL >>>
  • "Board Development ” details the characteristics of high performance boards, and discusses appropriate board structure, membership and processes.    
  • "Fundraising” addresses in detail the important fundamentals of the fundraising function of a nonprofit organization. 
  • "Marketing” addresses the basics of nonprofit marketing. It discusses tools for listening to clients, donors and volunteers to shape how to set your mission and design your services. 
  • "Volunteer Management ”addresses the importance of understanding volunteers’ motivation to serve in order to be successful in recruiting and retaining volunteers. 
  • "Financial Management ” demonstrates the importance of focusing on the basic disciplines of financial management, accounting/bookkeeping, and organizational management. 


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