Dayton SCORE Advantage - Business Recovery

Our seasoned SCORE counselors integrate an arsenal of solutions to plan for business stabilization, recovery and turn-around.

Road Map To Success Core Business Principles

The formula for successful business start-up is built on five core business principles that help entrepreneurs identify the key elements of a successful business launch and to navigate the challenges of starting a new for-profit or non-profit business.

  1. Realistic Marketplace Awareness
  2. Marketable Business Concept
  3. Sustainable Business Model
  4. Balanced Business Infrastructure
  5. Scalable Business Plan

Integrated Business Performance Solutions

  1. Assessment counseling (Individual and group) | Schedule a free counseling session
  2. Mentoring services (Individual and group)
  3. Education workshops (Seminars, webinars and events) | Current workshop schedule
  4. Valuable resources and documentation | Browse resource listings
  5. Professional networks and subject matter coaches
  6. Professional support services (Coming soon)

Road Map - Simple Steps Process

Once struggling business challenges are identified and solutions agreed upon, your SCORE case mentor helps put a plan in place to implement the solutions to maximum impact. A plan (road-map) is developed that identifies priority solutions, implementation schedules, duties and responsibilities, required resources and projected outcomes (results).

  1. Marketplace Awareness (External environment perspectives)
  2. Business Discovery (Internal business insights)
  3. Recovery Commitment (Solution recommendations)
  4. Plan Implementation (Execute and management)
  5. Results Measurement (Measure results, modify and repeat)